Welcome to IntegrationSuccess!


Welcome to IntegrationSuccess Blueprint! If you are:

a member of the board of directors or

a member of the senior management team of a medium
    sized company or

leading the corporate merger integration activities

than you have come to the right place.

It is our mission to provide you with training and consulting services to accelerate through and create significant value for your merger integration.

Our Merger Integration Training and Consulting Services include assistance with:

Strategic selection: Define strategic reasoning, financial
    business case and integration approach for transaction

Integration Approach: Define strategic importance /
    independence matrix and view on elements subject to
    conservation, leverage, consolidation, integration

Due Diligence support: identify synergies based on data
    room information and staff discussions

Strategy review: identify opportunities; prepare associated
    business cases for discussion with and prioritization through

Synergy build out: continue activities pre / post closing -
    the level of information access in respective phase is key

Day One activities: Plan actions with functional / cross
    functional departments post signing (if necessary also after
    the closing has happened), added by tracking and coaching,

Project Management Office: Assistance in set-up of
    project organization, status meeting and reporting
    organization, collating of material into decision focused
    management presentations, coaching existing team to
    manage the integration effectively, assist in establishing
    Work Breakdown Structure (rough breakdown of integration

Synergy analysis: identify, quantify and prioritize synergies
    using our synergy analysis methodology

Restructuring actions: prepare and quantify restructuring
    opportunities for discussion with management

Synergy tracking: track and report progress on each
    synergy to be implemented based implementation

Communication: Stakeholder Analysis - provide framework
    what to do, when and with whom. Identify jointly required
    communication needs to relevant stakeholder groups
    including interaction with legal etc.

Organizational Development: Role clarification – identify
    and define actions that will enable you to align accountability
    for results, decision authority for managerial positions based
    on respective contribution to the value creation

Imagine. Inspire. Integrate.

Accelerate the value generated in your merger integration.

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